You become what you think about!

Earl Nightingale in his famous recording “The Strangest Secret” summarizes this powerful concept. You become what you think about. Think about your rotten customers and you’ll have rotten customers. Think about the bad nightly news stories and you’ll see pain, suffering, and bad guys around every corner.

But if every day you specifically focus only on the positive, you will […]

Keep Your Old Clunker or Buy a New Car?

This week Eric finished repairs to a 1998 F150. He replaced a starter, flywheel and clutch. Plus they got all of the fluids flushed bringing the maintenance up to date. They decided to keep the good old F150 rather than spend all the extra money on a new vehicle with items like more expensive plates, insurance, and deprecation.

We have […]

Winter Tire Spinning

Do not spin your wheels in excess of 35 mph as indicated on the speedometer. Excessive speed in a free-running, unloaded tire can cause it to “explode” from centrifugal force. The energy released by such an explosion is sufficient to cause serious physical injury or death.

When in mud, sand, snow, ice or other slippery condition, do not engage […]

A/C Tune-Up: The Heat Is On!!!

The Heat Is On!!!

Is your A/C cooling 100% or only working a percent of what it should be? Or, maybe it’s just dull. We know with our A/C tune up we can keep your car’s A/C working at 100%.

Here’s what we do:
Clean the A/C condenser
Clean the radiator core
Clean the A/C evaporator
Clean the cabin air filter
Check the […]

BG244 Diesel

BG 244 quickly and effectively cleans diesel fuel injectors. It removes carbon deposits from combustion chambers, restores performance, smooths engine idle and helps prevent costly repairs. In only a few short miles of driving, engine response is restored! One quart (946 mL) of BG 244 treats 20-40 gallons of diesel fuel. To maintain fuel system cleanliness and engine performance, […]


BGMOA really works to prevent oxidation and thickening of engine oil under the most severe stop and go high temperature driving conditions. It fortifies all qualities of engine oil to provide superior long lasting engine protection and help maintain optimum engine performance. BGMOA keeps piston rings, hydraulic lifters and other engine components clean to help extend engine life and […]

Cannon’s 6 Pack

Cannon’s 6 Pack gets you 1 year of oil changes. Cannon’s 6 pack is a great gift. This package has 5 oil changes with wash ticket and safety inspection. Two new Anco wiper blades and an Aquapel Windshield treatment. A regular value of $360 all for only $99.95. One catch is that you must give away one of the […]