Earl Nightingale in his famous recording “The Strangest Secret” summarizes this powerful concept. You become what you think about. Think about your rotten customers and you’ll have rotten customers. Think about the bad nightly news stories and you’ll see pain, suffering, and bad guys around every corner.

But if every day you specifically focus only on the positive, you will reap positive things. Nightingale gives his listeners a 30-day challenge. For 30 days focus only on good thoughts. If a negative though comes into mind, stop it immediately.

Quit associating with the whiners and complainers.

Only spend time with positive people.

Be part of a mastermind of happy business owners who get things done.

Set specific goals and focus on their attainment. And you will be surprised how much good will start flowing into your life.

Just try it for a week. Please let me know what happens.